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                [甜甜食品]  四川省甜甜食品有限公司(注冊商標:田老大),位于四川省德陽市,最早成立于1992年,擁有20余年專業糖果制造經驗,目前在德陽市廣漢市和德陽市旌陽區兩地有標準食品工廠兩家,專業從事工藝糖果研發制作,現有棒糖產品包括,各種尺寸顏色波板棒糖,切片棒糖,澆筑棒糖,機器棒糖以及小食品糖果。



            First established in 1992, Sichuan Tiantian Foods Co., Ltd. (the registered trademark is Tian Laoda) has more than 20yearprofessional experience of candy manufacturing, whichis located in Deyang City of Sichuan Province, China. The company has dedicated on the development and production of craft candies, and the existing lollipop products are more than 40 kinds of wave shape lollipops, sliced lollipops, pouring lollipops, machine lollipops and snack candiesin various sizes and colors.

            The company has more than 60 primary and secondary agents in all provinces and cities of China, selling productsthroughout all countries of Southeast Asia. Since it’s established, it has regarded quality as precious as life, and matched the highest standards of the industry in terms of taste, color and package.From raw material procurement to production and logistics transport,all processes are strictly controlledbyrefined management, thus a top-down product quality management system has been formed. Thanks to the uncompromising demand for high standards, Tiantian FoodCompany has won the favor of consumers and the affirmation of dealers at all levels.

            [甜甜食品] 四川省甜甜食品有限公司(注冊商標:田老大),位于四川省德陽市,最早成立于1992年,擁有20余年專業糖果制造經驗,目前在德陽市廣漢市和德陽市旌陽區兩地有標準食品工廠兩家,專業從事工藝糖果研發制作,現有棒糖產品包括,各種尺寸顏色波板棒糖,切片棒糖,澆筑棒糖,機器棒糖以及小食品糖果。 公司在全國20余個省市自治區均有一、二級經銷商,網點覆蓋全國,銷售量在國內屬領[查看詳情]
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